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Who We Are

The Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts is a dedicated group of enthusiasts focused on lifelong learning and sharing of skills, ideas and the love of working with a wide range of textile arts.

This includes embroidery, knitting, macramé, weaving and more. The Guild has been together since 1970, and cultivates a wealth of knowledge on fibre arts. Members have a wide range of skill levels and backgrounds and are eager to exchange ideas.

New members are always welcome.

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Our Mission

"to unite and collaborate with textile artists and artisans across the Vancouver community."

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Our Objectives

  • Join together in meetings and discussions for mutual advantage.

  • Promote exhibitions of members’ work.

  • Collaborate with other groups of artists and craftsmen.

  • Carry on activities of an artistic or educational nature for members.

  • Further continuing high standards in creative design in macramé, weaving, embroidery, machine embroidery and other related media.

  • Publish a newsletter to inform members of activities, meetings and art show, as well as to present educational material from time to time.

  • The operation of this society is to be chiefly carried on in Vancouver.